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Our future does split. It is constantly peeling off on new paths.

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Chapter so deep, you may never find your way back. Let yourself be snowed in with this luminous look at Americana.

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Danny heard it as he pushed through the powder towards her. He took off his skis Next to Cindy. Surveying the situation, Danny could see this was a life or death emergency. The Douglas fir’s spearlike branch jutted out of Cindy’s down jacket.

Pretty Pink Fingernails

We sat at a table in the corner of the bar. I instantly noticed the band-aid perched over Ally's right eyebrow. I shook my head slightly and laughed to myself in honor of the sheer idiocy of their relationship.

Las Vegas Oysters

I woke in the ambulance to paramedics looming over me. I could smell vomit inside the oxygen mask they had strapped to my face. They asked me questions, not sure if they were supposed to do that. I couldn't answer anyway. I still can't believe that in the midst of all that horror, confusion, and sadness, I could lay there with selfish, trivial thoughts.

Ski Bunny Wipeout

Danny reached into the dry powder snow. His hands followed the contours of Cindy’s leg. Her hips were a wondrous goal, but he did not dwell there. His fingers did glide over the target; Mentally aware and cataloging the experience for future reference. Danny’s hands continued to her shoulders.

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Semi-Clean Table

Ultimate Penalty


American Mujahideen

Excess Moisture

Pretty Pink Fingernails

Magical Purification

We are at War

French Dip & Fries

Las Vegas Oysters

Ski Bunny Wipeout

Atlas Relieved